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Why Men need to keep moving as they age!

Why Men need to keep moving as they age!

Why Men need to keep moving as they age! 150 150 Aaron Smee

Exercise is important for everyone, as I have mentioned in some other articles. However, one group that seems to neglect it (more often than not) is the older guys! Though staying active is the most important thing for men to do as they get older, more and more are heading straight to (or directed to) prescription medications for their heart, kidney, liver etc. Though these are sometimes unavoidable, I have met plenty of people that definitely could have avoided being stuck on medication for the rest of their lives by just living a healthier lifestyle first!

Now, by healthier lifestyle I don’t mean drinking green juice and going for a 3 hour gym session every day. In fact, just reducing the intake of unhealthy food (and alcohol), and exercising 2-3 hours a week will have a huge impact on health. This might seem like a lot, but it is only 30 minutes a day Monday – Friday. This can be done in a number of different ways as well but should include a few different types of training for a holistic health improvement. This means doing a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility training through the weekly routine, so that one part of your fitness doesn’t decline in favour of others.

A few examples of each include:
– Going to the gym! Most gyms will have a machine circuit set up which will allow you to easily work your whole body in a short time
– Working with a trainer! This will get a better result than working on your own, as your trainer will know exactly what you should be doing, based on your goals and body
– Doing a bodyweight circuit of exercises at home! This can include things like squats, push ups, pullups and core exercises

– Go for a walk or jog! Walking is a great, low intensity exercise that is also great for increasing the oxygen you get into your body
– Going for a bike ride! If walking is too slow for you, riding a bike may work better! Not only will this work your legs a bit better, but you can move faster, and see more!
– Boxing! Most guys I have trained before loving getting the gloves on and throwing some punches! Not only is this great for cardio fitness, but also work for stress relief!

– Spend 10 minutes each morning stretching the legs and hips! Your knees, hips and back will thank you for it in a very short amount of time!

Before starting an exercise routine, it is always best to consult an expert. If you are in good health, this can be a qualified local Personal Trainer. If you aren’t in such great health, talk to your doctor, complete your health checks and receive a medical clearance! Along with this, take note of any incidental exercise that you are already doing! If you are already walking around the yard gardening, then will most likely be fine to start walking!

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