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Are you looking to make a start (or restart!) to your health and fitness resolutions, but don’t know where to begin?

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Using Exercise To Boost Immunity

Exercise has plenty of obvious benefits. I’ve gone over a lot of these through different blogs, so make sure to check them out! What I want to go over in this one though, is how it can help to boost your immune system. Before I get too much further, I want to state...

New Start PT now offers Yoga Classes!

  As you may have heard, New Start PT will be offering Yoga sessions as of next week! Here is a bit of background on the lady that will be running the classes; Natasha! "I practiced yoga intermittently for many years and always sought after the relaxation I...

While the physical benefits of exercise are generally the most commonly thought of, and the most noticeable, it goes much further than that. The benefits of exercise regarding mental health are just as good, and for some people, even more of a necessity. When you...

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Natasha, a mother of 4, started her training towards the end of January 2016. Since then, she has trained hard 2 – 3 times per week, and eaten as recommended, and between the 2 pictures, she has lost close to 25kg!”


“There is a reason why I have Aaron named “The Killer” in my phone book: I leave my sessions feeling like I’m about to die, but the results I have achieved through these sessions are the reason why I keep on going back for more! Aaron is extremely supportive, and challenges you to push your own limits.”


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