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Why Exercising WILL make you feel better for longer!

Why Exercising WILL make you feel better for longer!

Why Exercising WILL make you feel better for longer! 150 150 Aaron Smee

I often hear people say to each other (and to me!) “I wish I could still do that” or “I used to be able to do that but not anymore”. The first thing that comes to mind for me when hearing this is “what if we could guide you to be able to do it again?”. Most people seem to just accept that as they are getting older, they won’t be able to enjoy the same activities, because their body won’t let them. However, through strengthening the bones and muscles, much more becomes doable for a lot of people!

At the end of the day, not being able to do what you want, along with being in pain all the time, is not a normal part of getting older.

Obviously as you get older, your body does start to slow down a bit, but with the right exercise routine and diet, there is no reason why most people can’t continue to do the things they enjoy! In fact, those who follow such a program generally enjoy all parts of their life for longer than those who don’t! Unfortunately, we can’t really stop ourselves from ageing (yet). That is something that everyone must deal with. But the process can be slowed down, so that you can appear to be younger than your age (through your body, not your maturity).


By introducing a regular exercise routine into your week, you can help to reduce chronic pains, and reduce the overall stress on your body, which will lead to you feeling “less old” and enjoying life more! A few of the key benefits here are;

– the increased levels endorphins that you will have after training, which will make you feel happier and more content.

– the increased circulation of blood and oxygen that will occur in the body when the heart and breathing rates are increased.

– the increased tissue repair that your body will have due to it becoming good at repairing the result of the exercise stress.


Along with your exercise program, a healthy diet is very important (as previously mentioned!). Cutting back on foods that are bad for you will help decrease the long term build-up of bad things in your body, and replacing them with nutritious foods will give your body what it needs to recover quickly and feel great! Most people think that eating healthy is going to be really boring, but that is definitely not true! If you would like to learn how to eat healthily, without sacrificing on variety and flavour, make sure to subscribe to my weekly emails, which will give you healthy recipes every week! Here is a link to get them, along with a free training program and meal guide (which you can fit all the recipes into!


At the end of the day, everyone wants to know the secret to staying young, but really, it is no secret; Don’t stop moving!

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