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The Personal Trainer In Bowen Hills

The Personal Trainer In Bowen Hills

The Personal Trainer In Bowen Hills 150 150 Aaron Smee

Recently, I have been posting a lot about the areas where I specialize, and the parts of fitness that I am passionate about, but not much about me, or why those are the areas that I have chosen to work in, or even why I decided to become a Personal Trainer in Bowen Hills the first place!

When I was a child, I was what I would consider to be obese. At 12 years old I was already over 60kg, and because I wasn’t exercising at all, this was almost all body fat. That year, after bullying started to become a problem for me, I finally had enough. Along with my mother, my weight loss journey started with a number of different “diets”. These ranged from cutting all wheat out of my diet (I’m not gluten intolerant by the way) to not drinking any fluids while eating. All of these diets came from so called “experts”, that claimed their diet was the new best thing for the best result.

This went on for around 12 months, with different types of diets, but not really any noticeable weight loss. I was walking for about an hour every day as well, so the amount of movement had also jumped right up! We both finally gave up on the fad diets, and decided we were going to just eat what we considered to be healthy; no over-eating, no unhealthy take-away, and no soft drinks. With that, the weight started dropping.

Over the next 3 months, we both lost over 1kg a week, with some weeks being as much as 2kg for me (normally I wouldn’t recommend this to clients, but at that age it doesn’t hurt!). Because the way we were eating was relatively normal, and not restrictive in any way, it was sustainable, so both of us were able to keep the weight off.

Since then, I have learnt more about the energy system of the body through my studies to become a Personal Trainer, as well as a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Science, and when different macronutrients are better to have. Due to this, I have been able to improve on that initial result, as well as increase the amount of muscle my body has. As a result of this, my metabolism now right at a high rate, and my body is much more resistant to putting fat back on. This is what I teach to my clients now; how to eat in a sustainable way through the use of meal prepping and meal guidance. Those that follow the teachings get great results!

Now I have been a Personal Trainer for 11 years, 4 of those spent conducting personal training sessions within my own business, first at the YMCA in Bowen Hills, and now at my own Private Personal Training Studio. The majority of the people I work with are people that are wanting to achieve some level of weight loss, but also, more importantly for me, people that have issues with their posture, or chronic pains. Now, short of injury and genetic conditions, most of these issues can be fixed through exercise prescription. I have a reasonably good understanding of how the human body works, and how muscle balance is vital for healthy joints and living a pain free life. This is done through a combination of strengthening inactive muscles, and loosening overactive and tight muscles, to create an equal tension on both sides!

Most of my clients have tried other things before, and not had much luck. I have even had clients that have seen Personal Trainers before, and were almost negative to the idea of doing so again. The answer that I give all of them for effective weight loss, is that even though their exercise routine is important, following the instructions of their Personal Trainer for outside of their training, and their diet, are where the results are at. On top of that, I am able to make them feel comfortable, and actually look forward to coming to the gym to train!


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