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Finding The Best Personal Trainer

Finding The Best Personal Trainer

Finding The Best Personal Trainer 150 150 Aaron Smee

There are lots of questions that people have when they are looking for a Personal Trainer, or Personal Fitness Trainer, as some people call us. What sort of result do they want? How much privacy do they want? How far do they want to travel to get to their sessions? And the most common one.. how much should they be paying? The answer to each of these depends on each person, and for most of them there is really no single answer.

The Goal
First of all, do you want to lose weight, or gain muscle? The answer to this will straight away narrow down your search for the right Personal Trainer. If you are wanting to lose weight, then you can really pick any trainer. A trainer can help you to effectively lose weight from any location, provided they know what they are doing. You can have a mobile trainer that comes to your house, a gym based personal trainer that works in a commercial setting, or a more private based personal trainer that works out of a personal training studio. On the flip side of this, if you are wanting to gain muscle, this cuts out the majority of mobile personal trainers, as they simply can’t carry around all of the strength training equipment that is necessary for the right training. The other 2 options are still equally good though!

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The Environment
The next question you want to ask yourself is what sort of environment do you want to train in. Do you care whether there are other people that can see you? If the answer is no, then, again, you can really pick any of the 3. If you answered yes though, then your options are down to a mobile trainer, or a studio based personal trainer. Referring back to the last question, if you are wanting to lose weight, then both mobile trainers and studio based trainers will work for you. However, for strength and muscle gain, a studio will be a better choice, as it will still offer the equipment needed for this style of training!

The Distance
Now, for traveling. If you are like most people, you may have already tried a google search, and put in something like “Personal Trainer near me” to see if you have any good trainers close by. The distance that you should travel to see the right trainer depends a lot on the above two questions. If you have found a trainer that fits everything you want, then you should make getting to them a priority, even if they are slightly further away. You definitely should not be sacrificing your results for the sake of travel time (unless the trainer you have found is an unreasonable distance away of course!).

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The Cost
As far as how much people should be paying, well, that IS a simple answer in my opinion. The amount you should be paying is whatever your chosen trainer is choosing to value their time at. This is something that comes up a lot for personal trainers, and it is quite often a point of frustration.To put it simply, you will ALWAYS find someone who will charge less than the trainer you are interested in working with. I can guarantee it. What I can also guarantee is that you get what you pay for. What people should really be looking for, rather than how much a trainer charges, is what results they have given other people. On top of that, whether they can back themselves with a guarantee on their results. Any trainer who will offer a guarantee that you will get results knows what they are doing, and you can go to them knowing that you will get the results you want.


If you didn’t know that trainers even offered guarantees on their services, and would like to know more, we would be more than happy to give you more details! Head HERE and contact us!


While there are definitely more questions that people have outside of these, I feel they are the cause for the most roadblocks in peoples decisions to get started. Hopefully when you can answer each of the above questions, you will have narrowed your search down to the best trainer for you!


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