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Benefits of having a great posture!

Benefits of having a great posture!

Benefits of having a great posture! 150 150 Aaron Smee

One of my passions in helping people with their fitness is helping them to improve their posture at the same time as working on their goals. Now, there are a few obvious benefits to having an improved posture, such as reduced neck and back pain. However, there are a number of other benefits which are slightly less obvious, but just as good!

The first of these is an improvement in your strength and movement based performance! If your body is moving the way it should, then it will work better, its as simple as that! However, for it to move the way it should, the muscles need to be in balance, which is a result of working on your posture! As a result of this as well, your body requires less energy to do the same task, because it is not constantly fighting itself to be in a good posture!

The second benefit, which is also related to exercise and movement performance, is increased lung capacity! To put it simply, if your shoulders are always hunched forward, it makes it harder for your diaphragm to fully expand and allow for a full breath. Correcting this will allow for more full breaths, which will allow more oxygen into the body with each breath. Along with this, practicing to take full, deep breaths will also result in an improvement! By practicing correct breathing it is possible to improve the mechanical efficiency of the lungs!

The third benefit is being able to more fully relax. When your muscles are in balance, they are better able to relax, as they are not constantly trying to correct the pressure around your joints. Further to this, being able to take deep, full breaths into your abdominal area can actually result in a state of further relaxation, as it will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS is the all about restoration and regeneration, it happens most often when you are asleep, allowing the body a chance to replenish, restore and revitalize.

For these reasons alone, it is extremely important to be working on your posture, and trying to improve it daily!

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