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Why losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult

Why losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult

Why losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult 150 150 Aaron Smee

Losing weight can be as easy of difficult as people want to make it. While I understand that it is definitely “harder” for some people to lose weight than it is for others, we all need to do the same things to get the desired result. More often than not, the reason someone is or isn’t having success with losing weight is their diet. There is so much conflicting information out there on what is the “best” diet for weight loss, and to be honest, I personally think half of it is specifically designed to make it seem harder than it really is. Eat this at this time, don’t eat this at another time, unless you have done this and this and this beforehand. It really doesn’t need to be that difficult!

While I have done a blog in the past outlining a few different ways to improve your diet for results, what I really want to focus on with this is what I focus on with all of my clients; that is limiting the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, and how that will help to lose weight!

Now, before I go too far into this, I want to say straight up that this isn’t Keto, and it isn’t some crazy Atkins diet. It is simply limiting the intake of carbohydrates that you have across the week. When doing this, almost everyone that I work with gets great, and very fast results. The simple version of why this works is that when your body is being given sugar (carbohydrates), it will generally always use that as an energy source before using fats. Even if the food you are eating says “low sugar” or “no added sugar”, treat any carbohydrates that are in it as sugars, because that is effectively what they all break down to in some form once your body digests them. What this means is that every time you eat those carbs, your body goes “yay free energy, lets stop trying to use body fat as energy now, this is easier!”.

This effectively stops your body from burning fat, and instead puts it into a “fat storing” mode. Now, I probably don’t need to go much further on this for you to realize how this is going to negatively effect your weight loss! On the flip side of this, once your body has run out of sugars to use for energy, it will transition into using fats instead. I did say that the type of eating I recommend isn’t keto, but it uses some of the same principles. The idea behind both is that you are limiting your carb intake, so that your body is basically forced to use fats for energy. The big difference is that where Keto is based around a high fat diet, what I do is moderate the amount of fats – there is no focus on having more or less, just whatever happens to be in the food you are eating.

Once you cut back on the carb based foods, you will find that the replacements are all higher protein and fat based foods anyway, so fat intake will usually increase regardless. This is not a bad thing! Once your body has transitioned into using fats for energy instead, most people find that their energy levels increase massively. This is because fats have more than double the amount of stored energy per gram as carbs. While it does take more energy to break fats down on the bodies behalf, the net energy result is still greater than the result from the carbs.

Now, as far as what types of foods I recommend to people, it is fairly simple; limit the amount of grain and starch based foods. That’s it. That means rice, wheat, corn and potato (along with a few other less used grains). Along with that, I also recommend limiting fruit intake, because most fruit is also quite high in sugar (yes, they have a lot of good in them as well, but most of that can be replaced with vegetables). Once you have done that, you can more or less eat whatever is left (within reason). If you are still not sure what you should be doing, or are stuck for inspiration, I am here to help!

If you head to the link below, you will find a FREE recipe book with 35 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All of these recipes fit into the type of eating I recommend, and will help you achieve your results!


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