Muscle Activation

Transverse Abdominus Activation – Why and How

Rhomboid Activation – Why and How

Glutes, their uses and exercises for them

Rotator Cuff Strength

Exercise Technique and Variations

Wide Squats – How they differ from regular squats

Plank Holds – How to make them better!

Sitting Squats – How they differ from regular squats

Lat Pulldown for Shoulder Posture

Wide Cable Pulldown

Hanging Knee Raises

Bench Leg Lowers

Bench Dips

Bench Deadlift

Bench Step Ups

Cable Twist Technique + Variations

Medicine Ball Slams

Swiss Ball Leg Curls

Hang Back Squats

Bench Plank


Stretches for Tight Hips

More Stretching that everyone should be doing!

Shoulder Roll Stretch

Upper Core Stretch

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