For the month of March, I am helping to raise money for the Cancer Survivor Program, held at the YMCA! To help support this, you can pledge to donate 1 cent for every Chin-Up that I do in March!
This will all be recorded on video, so every rep will be accounted for!

The Cancer Survivor Program helps Cancer Survivors in reclaiming their health and well-being as well as connecting them with like-minded people on a similar journey!

So far the YMCA has helped over 120 Cancer Survivors in their 12 week programs!

There are a few ways that you can help with this event!

The first is by pledging towards this cause! To start that off, simply enter your name and email below and we can go from there!
The second best thing you can do for us is telling your friends about the fundraiser! The more people that know about this the better!
The third thing you are able to do is share the event on your page!

Anything that you are able to do will help, and we appreciate all the help that we can get on this!

If you want to check out more about how to donate to this Program, check out this website!

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