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25 Minute Circuit Workout

25 Minute Circuit Workout

25 Minute Circuit Workout 150 150 NewStartPT

Are you struggling to find time to fit in your extra workouts? Or even just your normal workouts?
Here is an easy lunchtime circuit that takes just 25 minutes!
Start with a walk and some light stretches to warm up, and then complete the following:
25 Jumping Jacks
20 High Knees
20 Alternating Lunges
20 Push Ups
20 Standing Elbow to Knee
Rest for 1 minute at the end of the circuit, then do it all again! Do this 3 times through for a great

Some benefits of doing a lunchtime workout are:

  1. You will feel more rejuvenated and focused!
  2. It will reduce stress levels!
  3. You will have a sense of accomplishment!
  4. It makes you take a proper break away from your office!

If you are unsure how to do any of these, simply click here to see a video on them!

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